D.Va, Mercy, Genji – Secaz – Overwatch

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  1. AnonymousHidden comment. Click to show.

    can’t download it as MP4, please fix it.

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  2. AnonymousHidden comment. Click to show.

    Mercy is Swiss

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  3. Glasses-kunHidden comment. Click to show.

    D.Va is Korean. Zarya is Russian. Mei is Chinese. Widow Maker is French. Tracer is English (Cockney.) Symmetra is some form of African. I believe Pharah is middle eastern of some kind (maybe Egyptian?) And I think Mercy is German which is ironic. That is because German’s are not particularly known for being merciful. *adjusts glasses*

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    • EternalxProphetHidden comment. Click to show.

      Symmetra is Indian. Mercy is Swiss. Pharah is definitely Egyptian.

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  4. Amaterasu user
    Amaterasu userHidden comment. Click to show.

    LOL, tbe blonde girl have a funny and nice accent. I love it. xD

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    • AnonymousHidden comment. Click to show.

      What is her accent supposed to be? I can’t figure it out.

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