Aerith and Sephiroth – ocboon – Final Fantasy

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  1. Amaterasu user
    Amaterasu userHidden comment. Click to show.

    Hesus christ. That’s some awesome animation. And that voice actor. Just amazing. One of the best video with sounds I have seen in a very long time. In fact, this must be one if the best videos on thehentaiworld. I am sure many others agree too. Wow, that was amazing work. Thank you ocboon!!! Please make more of it if you ever got time. And please use the same voice actor. :)

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  2. AnonymousHidden comment. Click to show.

    Damnnnn destroy that pussy ;)

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  3. AnonymousHidden comment. Click to show.

    Holy shit. Besides the unlikable mimick of the character faces and the lighting, this thing is so awesome!

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