Catwoman – leeteRR – DC

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  1. AnonymousHidden comment. Click to show.

    its funny how batman is in the background

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  2. AnonymousHidden comment. Click to show.

    More arkham cgi please

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  3. AnonymousHidden comment. Click to show.

    I just wish they would go back to the gifs because they repeat automatically (at least on the phone) because trying to repeat the video over and over again to make it look good is annoying and just not worth it. I dont mind having some videos but why make one a vid with no sounds?

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    • Oniichan
      OniichanHidden comment. Click to show.

      I’ll look into making the videos loop and resize better on mobile devices but i doubt we will be going back to gifs since videos are much more efficient size-wise. For example this video is 1MB but if it was converted to a gif at this resolution it would be over 10MB.

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    • AnonymousHidden comment. Click to show.

      These videos repeat automatically.

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